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The History Of The Most Played Game

It is impossible to imagine any casino without the most played slots game. Slots machines are also called "fruit machines" and "one armed bandits". Taking into consideration the huge jackpots it is hardly believed that the payout of old slot machines was paid by cigars, chewing gum or candies.

The beginning of slot games

The history of slots games began in 1800s by the fabrication of "poker machines" in New York. This machine with five reels and ten cards became a forefather of all modern casino and online slot machines.

Charles Fey

The first slot machine was produced by a car mechanic Charles Fey in 1887. There were three reels and five symbols: a heart, a horseshoe, a spade and a famous "Liberty Bell". Charles Fey's innovation became popular in local bars and restaurants. Practically in the same time another inventor created a similar machine using fruit symbols.

Electro-mechanical slot machines

The next significant moment in the history of slot games happened in 1960s with the appearing of electro-mechanical slot machines. In addition to this innovation there came progressive jackpots, multi-coin play and a button for turning on the reels spinning.

Video slots

The 1980s - 1990s are famous by the involving the video slot machines. All modern land-based and online casinos use this system. The extremely high popularity of video slots is explained by showy graphics, digital sounds and other bright effects. Multiple pay lines and different bets were also added.

The latest innovations

Thanks to modern the innovations it becomes possible to start the game only by click of a computer mouth. In the twenty-first century you can get excitement and pleasure of playing in the best world's casinos in the comfort of your house.

While playing online casino you can choose the most profitable payouts. It is possible to play free online casino games.

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