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Fortune Coin Company

The beginning of video slots

Whenever you think of a casino Roulette77 Australia, slots definitely come to your mind. Slots are an important part in the success of casinos. A large portion of a casino's property is taken up by the slots and the income generated by slots exceeds half of the income of a casino. According to a report by NGA 2002 (Nevada Gaming Almanac), slot machines generated over 73 percent of the total income of casinos in Las Vegas in the year 2002.

After the era of electronic slots, came the period of video slot machines back in 1975. Fortune Coin Company pioneered the first video slot. However, at that time these machines were not able to achieve much success. As the players were unable to see the reels rotating, they did not believe these slot machines.

IGT (International game Technology) purchased Fortune Coin Company in the year 1978. William Redd was the owner and manager of IGT. The video slots were then improved by IGT and after this period, these machines started to gain widespread popularity in casinos of Las Vegas. Continuous improvements were done on the video slot machines and then in 1892, Megabucks was introduced. This was a progressive video slot.

The journey of Megabucks to Nickel machines

This was a three-coin slot machine. Megabucks were licked to other video slots in different a casinos. This arrangement made it possible to have a huge progressive jackpot. The small slot's jackpots were completely eliminated by Megabucks, which took a lot of time to mount up. Public now started to trust Megabucks and very soon another generation of video slots was ready to be introduced. These can easily found in almost every casino around the world.

Nickel machines, which are produced in Australia is the main point of focus of the slot industry in the current time. Players can insert multiple coins and can place the wager on diverse outcomes of the nickel slot machines. The name of these machines originated from five cents, which was used in these machines.

Another point on which the slot industry is focusing is the latest method of payment. The new slot machines offer I/Q tickets. The new system of in/out tickets will credit a player's ticket and hence will eliminate coins. The heavy buckets filled by coins would be completely removed. However, there is nothing to worry for now, as these will stay in the casinos in the recent times.

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