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Privacy Statement

Where We Use Your Personal Information

We can provide your personal information to other companies who have the authority to use that information and to other people who will use your private information to provide services to us about you. That third party can be payment related, marketing related, affiliates related, verification related, new account opening facility department, cheating prevention department, sub-conductors, regional authorities, department of auction, user related department, business advisers, regular purchasers and other important department and section where security is high and stealing your data will be impossible.

We require your personal information to verify yourself and to do the future transaction with you and your company. We never provide your valuable information to a party where your information will not be safe and they can blackmail you with the information in the future. We guarantee the safety of your information and we will only provide the personal information to an insecure person or company if we have your written permission to do that.

We will never provide your valuable personal information to the government if you don't provide any written permission to provide the information. We also don't share any of your financial information with the revenue and tax department of the government. We shall ask for personality identifiable document to provide the service you required. We shall only provide the information if we are forced by the court order or any legal process where we bound to provide the information. If you have done any illegal task on our website or you broke the terms and conditions or try to use a service what is beyond your status we shall publish your information to the government.

At last, we have the authority to provide your personal information to our business partner, payment department and payment resolution companies and with financial partners of ours. We have the authority but we shall never use your personal information in a place where the risk of loosing information is high. Protecting your personal information is our main concern and we never use your information in any case where you will lose your information. We monitor the safety and secrecy of the personal information of our users and we use the latest internet security system to protect the stealing of our user's information.

Our internet security system is updated in every month and we use the best of the modern internet security system. None can ever hack our system and we can give the guarantee that your information will be safe on our website. All the employees who work the personal data department are bound by the law and they are very keen to protect the information of our customers.

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