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Progressive Slots

If you are someone who likes to play on traditional slot machines, which have simple rules and understandable paytables, then you should go for PlayTech's classic slots.

Why should you choose PlayTech's slots?

You will get single payline in the majority of classic slots, but there are machines that have five or three paylines as well. This limits the amount of winning combinations, sometimes just to four. Generally you will get many winning combination. However, you will not get bonus games expect for Alchemist's Lab.

Kinds of PlayTech's slots

Alchemist's Lab

Without including the progressive jackpots, the maximum payouts on the classic clots range from 400 to 10,000 times of the bet. You have the choice to bet between 0.05 dollars to 25 dollars on every payline. Even if you play classic slots you can win a huge reward, if you win a jackpot.

Fifteen different types of classic slots are offered by PlayTech and all are different with nice graphics. I am recommending three of my favorites. Two of these have single payline whereas the third one has 5 paylines.

Jungle Boogie

Whatever you want from a traditional slot machine is offered by Jungle Boogie. It gives you a single payline as well as a big jackpot. In case, you wish to play a little amount, you can do so as you are able to play for a small amount of 5 dollars and if you wish to win something big, then you can bet up to 15 dollar on each spin. The jackpot is 4000 times more than the actual bet. This means that if you play the slots with maximum coins, then you can win big jackpots. The other jackpot that you can win in Jungle Boogie pays 2.000 times than the bet. On this machine you will get eight winning combinations.

Sultan's Fortune

This is one of the best slots with one payline and offers the biggest possible payout. The minimum bet is 0.05 dollars like most of the PlayTech slots, but you can bet up to 10 dollars in a game. The biggest payout is 10,000 times of the bet, which is very high for a simple slot like this one. The next largest payout that payout 4,000 times of the bet is also likely. You can use the Wilds to make several winning combination. This is an added feature of the Sultan's Fortune.

Gemstone Slots

As judged against the other two, gemstone slots are a bit different when you give a glance at the paylines and the reels. In place of one payline this one comprises of five. And in place of three reels it consists of just one. This creates more chances of winning combinations as well as opportunities. You get 15 winning combinations, which payout from 5 to 2,000 times more than the bet. Those who like to keep the bet minimum can go for 0.05 dollars whereas tho

se who like to play the highest can go for 25 dollars on this slot.
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