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Pay table

5-Reel and 3-Reel slots Paytable

The paytables of for both the above mentioned slots might look different, but they consist of very important information for the players.

3-Reel slot Paytables

In a 3-Reel standard slot machine a paytable comprises of 3 coins. Orange stands for the maximum value symbol. There are three colored columns that are marked as 2 coin, 1 coin as well as 3 coin. You will have to bet with the maximum coins to win a 2500 coin jackpot. When it comes to the 2 coin jackpot, it will be of 1200 coins and the worth of 1 coin jackpot would be 600 coins.

5-Reel paytables

The look of this paytable is a bit different from the 3-Reel one. The diagram will give you an idea about the layout of this kind of paytable. The wild symbol or substitute is visibly marked and you will also get the information regarding the payouts for each symbol and the free spins. Whenever you try out a new machine it is recommended to go through the paytable prior to your game. This is applicable to both online and land based machines.

The significance of checking the paytable

Just give some time to go through the paytables of different slot games. In this way, you will rapidly learn a lot about different slot machines. And before you know you will be an expert player of slots.

If you give a quick glimpse at the paytable you can get an idea about scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, wild symbols which are utilized in the slot. Sometimes paytables for slots having bonus feature comes with brief explanation. If a slot offers bonus games or free spins, then it will be given in the paytable. It will also state the number of free spins available and the multiplier value.

You can then tell all probable winning combinations and the payout of the combinations as well and this is very important information when you play slots.

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