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What is the most popular casino game? Roulette? Blackjack? Poker? No, no and no! The most popular game in gambling houses is slot machine game! Why are they so popular? Answer at this question you will find at the pages of our website.

Today it is impossible to imagine any online casino as well as land based without slot machines. More than just a century ago slot machines have not even existed! History of slot machine is very interesting, as this free roulette game has so much aspects which had been changed and improved, that any other casino game has. Slots are popular all over the world and even have different names at different countries. Slot machines are also called "fruit machines" and "one armed bandits". The history of slots games began in late 1800s by the fabrication of "poker machines" in New York and that is why they are called in Australia pokies. More fact about slot machines you will find here!

Slot machines is the best game for those, who love traditional casino gambling, which is usually associated with thrill and excitement. You may use different strategies playing slots, try to cheat the machine or trace the one, which is hot enough to pay you out, but each your try will depend on luck only. The only thing you can do playing slots is to make the odds favor you. It does not guarantee you a win, but it may help you to get some advantage! So try your luck on best australian online casino

There are different types of slots machines, which offer different possibilities. Some of them have high payouts, others high winning chances. There are also those, which have multiplier symbols that make your winnings bigger. But perhaps the most popular is bonus slots game. Playing this slot machine you may hit a combination which allows you to play a free bonus game! Just do not forget to check the symbols which create this combination at the game you play. What makes slot machines so popular in gambling houses? Explore the answer on!

Slots are very easy to play. Despite the fact, that there are some tips to be followed, the only thing which you really MUST do to play slots is to push the button which makes reel to spin. Even though the principle of working of any slot machine is the same there are many variations of slots game. There exist free slot games and slots for real money. In order to find a game that satisfies you it is reasonable to examine the major types of slots in land-based and online casinos.

The popularity of online slots is explained by the simplicity of the rules. Though the rules are really simple this game requires some skills. The following information concerns the basic rules and advice how to win a jackpot. read more

Despite the huge number of slot variations, progressive slots remain the most popular slot type. To win it you should pay maximum coins but in case of win, you will be rewarded to the full as jackpots may hit up to several millions. read more

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