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Charles Fey

The title of Thomas Edison of slot machines goes to Charles Fey, born in 1862 and died in 1944. In 1885 he came to San Francisco and devoted fifty years of his career to slots.

It was back in 1985 when he made the first machine in the cellar of his house. The he positioned a few machines on that location, which worker very well. Then he ended his partnership with an electric supply company, so as to devote his entire time in manufacturing, operating, and inventing slot machines.

Fey started his slot factory in 1896 in San Francisco. Many machines like the Draw Power, Liberty Bell, the Klondike, and the Three Spinde were created in this factory. An Earthquake and Fire in 1906 destroyed his whole business. California Historical Landmark-937 was crated on the same site to venerate it.

Different machines produced by Charles Fey

1. Three Reel Slot

Charles Fey produced the foremost three reel machine in 1898 called the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell machine is the precursor of the millions of slots of this genre, which have been produced across the globe.

2. Draw Poker Machine

Charles fey produced the foremost draw poker machine back in 1901. During 1980s poker machines became very popular in cigar stands as well as saloons.

3. Three-Reel dollar slots

Charles fey pioneered the foremost silver dollar three-reel machine in 1929, in favor of Speakeasiers' Big Spenders, which were well-liked during late twenties.

Liberty Belle Restaurant and Saloon

You will have to stopover the Liberty belle Restaurant and Saloon, which is in Reno Nevada, in case you want to have a look at the machines and also many more of them.

Frank and Marshall Fey are the owners of the Liberty Belle. They are the sons of Charles Fey, who invented the slot machine.

This is the country's biggest public display of the classic slot machines. The Liberty Belle Collection comprises of arcade machines, two huge combinations of electric, and gas brass chandeliers, a nice Brunswick "Del Monico" bar, many beer trays, unique leaded glass shades, number of old advertisements, old photographs , firearms, enormous brass cash registers and Edison phonographs.

The collection of 25-piece vehicle drawn by horses comprises of two enclosed wagons, two horse carts of 1960's, a surrey, a stage coach, an ore car, and buckboards. Apart from the foremost three-reel slot machines, the foremost 'First Draw Poker Machine' can also be seen as well as the foremost 3-Reel dollar machine.

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