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The Main Rules And Advice In Different Types Of Slots

As a slot is the most played game, it makes the biggest amount of money for casino. Nevertheless playing slots is profitable for gamblers either. Perhaps the popularity of slot games is explained by the simplicity of the rules. Though the rules are really simple this game requires some skills. The following information concerns the basic rules and advice how to win a jackpot.

Main slot rules

The principle of slot game is the same in all types of slots. The player just inserts coins and spins the reel. To understand weather the given combination is winning or not one should check the payout line. The order of symbols may differ. So it is necessary to examine the principles of winning combinations.

Three reel slots

In the three reel slots the winning combination may be in five payout lines: right or left diagonal, bottom, top or middle row.

Five reel slots

There are nine payout lines while playing five reel slots. This enlarges the chances of winning. To hit a jackpot the winning combination should appear on one or several payout lines.

Bonus Slots

In spite of the fact that bonus slots have just one payout line that is the middle row, when the winning combination appears on the screen you'll receive an additional sum of money.

Feature slots

Feature slots are exciting and profitable. There are not only fifteen payout lines but also a wildcard that is used to get the winning combination. In addition it should be mentioned that it is very interesting bright type of slots.

Mega Spin slots

Mega spin slots give a possibility to play six 3-reel slots simultaneously. Just imagine how much it increases winning chances. You have an opportunity to win in six slots in each game.

To increase your chances to win a jackpot you should always play with the maximum bet and play in progressive slot machines. This means that many gamblers play at the same time and the jackpot enlarges until any of them hits the winning combination.

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