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During the late 80s video slots were opera ting almost everywhere. Fortune Coin Company was the first one to manufacture video slot. But in the very first attempt, these slots were not very successful. Players showed less faith in these machines. But very soon Fortune Coin Company was purchased by IGT Company (International Game technology).

History of IGT started from 1975. William S. Redd was the founder of this company. IGT go its first success in 1981. This was the year when random number generator was first used to produce the slot machines.

The introduction of Megajackpot system

IGT launched one of the most successful inventions in 1982. This was a slot machine known as Megabucks. In the same year a Megajackpot system or rather a progressive jackpot covering a wide area was created in Nevada. It was launched simultaneously with Megabucks, and within a very short span of time both became very popular. In this system all the slots were linked across a state in a single system. In this way, the jackpot increases continuously.

The jackpot grows bigger till any one win it. And when someone hit the jackpot, the progressive measuring device was rearranged to a base amount, which was predetermined. Megabucks shares a similar concept, as that of Powerball or Megamillion lotteries, which was popular in United States.

Other systems like Wheel of Fortune or The Beverly Hillbillies were adopted in a extensive range of denominations after the mega success of Megabucks or the system of Megajackpot. IGT designated on the slot machines of Nevada by 1988.

Pay off history of Mega bucks

  1. A native of Los Gatos, California, Terry Williams won 4,988,842 dollars in 1987
  2. A native of Los Angeles, California, a software engineer of 25 years of age won 39,713,982 dollars
  3. Elmer Sherwin won two consecutive jackpots of 21,100,000 and 4,600,000 dollars.
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