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The Best Chance To Play With Fortune

Even though the principle of working of any slot machine is the same there are many variations of slots game. There exist free slot games and slots for real money. In order to find a game that satisfies you it is reasonable to examine the major types of slots in land-based and online casinos.

Slot Types

Historically the first slot machines were 3-reel slots, but nowadays a lot of types with additional possibilities appeared. In the beginning there was just one type of slot machines "Liberty Bell" but today there is such enormous quantity of slots that it becomes easy to get lost among them. Or take all advantages from this game, knowing peculiarities.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slot is one of the most popular types of slots with the largest jackpot. It is a number of machines that work under the same network. Several gamblers are playing simultaneously till any of them will get the winning combination. The growth of jackpot depends on the quantity of players.

Multiple Pay-Line

The majority of Multiple Pay-Line machines have three pay lines. In case of spinning of the winning combination in any of the lines you'll receive a jackpot. But this is possible only with the maximum bet. If you won't do this you wouldn't get anything. But if you insert the maximum quantity of coins you'll win obligatory. So probably multiple pay-line machines have the best chances to win but only with the maximum bet.

Multiplier Slots

The payout of multiplier slots varies depending upon the amount of inserted coins. There is a strict proportion. For example 1 coin coincides with $20, 2 coins - $40, 3 coins - $60 and so on.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

The principle of working is the same as in multiplier slots but in case of hitting the winning combination you'll receive an extra bonus. This means that by inserting the maximum 3 coins you'll get $500.

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