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Classic Slots

The main objective of classic slots

Classic slots are those slot games, which features the traditional look of a 3-Reel machine. In case you wish to play slots with the old-fashioned feel, then these slot machines will be the best option. The objective of these slots is very clear; you need to hit the winning combination of symbols on the reels.

Types of Classic Slots

The two different types of Classic slots that we offer are:

  1. Single-line slots: This slot comprises of three reels and has a single payline. You are allowed to play one to three coins in different values, which alter from one game to the other.
  2. Multi-line slots: this one has five reels and multiple paylines in each game. The number of coins permitted to be wagered is determined by the number of paylines offered. The values may differ with different games.

Sometimes, Classic slots feature the traditional look with paylines and reels and sometimes it present features of video slots like scatters and bonus rounds. This completely depends on the game that you play.

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