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The Significant Moments in the History of Slot Machines

It is hardly believed what success and development would have Charles Fey's innovation since 1895. From the moment of creation slot machines had been improving and finally there appeared the video slot machine. With the aim to increase winning percentage and amusement features there appeared thousands of variations reaching 50 winning lines.

Video slot machines

The further information concerns enumeration, history, principles of working of video slot machines. The majority of the popular games were created by Aristocrat and Bally Gaming and IGT.


  • The history of slot machines had started by the creation of "Liberty Bell" - the first mechanical slot machine. It was designed by car mechanic Charles Fey from San Francisco in 1897. It had fifty cents' jackpot, four symbols and three reels.
  • From 1898 to 1909 the popularity increased. Several companies had been working on further development and spreading this game.
  • The prohibition of the gambling came to San Francisco, Nevada and California simultaneously with growth of manufacturing of slots machines in 1909. Nevertheless it was just a little hitch in the history of slot games.
  • A significant change happened in 1964 when Bally Manufacturing adjusted springs into electronic parts and added lights, sounds and the opportunity of bet multiple coins.
  • The further innovation with video screen by Walt Fraley called the "Fortune Coin" in 1975 wasn't popular as it hadn't been trusted. The International Game Technology (ITG) headed the manufacturing of slot machines in 1976. It is still the leading company specialized in video reel slots up today.
  • With the appearance of video poker machine in 1979 the trust for slot machines returned and the popularity became tremendous. Since that time there many types of slot machines had appeared. They brought a huge choice of bounces and styles, jackpots and conditions. Nowadays everyone can found a game that satisfies their taste but classical slot machines remained popular.
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